Patty Joseph or Madame LeClaire

25 years old


Investigative Abilities: Anthropology 2 Archeology 3 Art History 1 Astronomy 1 History 1 Languages 2 Law 1 Medium 4 Natural History 3 Occult Studies 4 Research 2 Trivia 2 General Abilities: Bullshit Detector 5 Flattery 5 Flirting 5 Intimidation 2 Negotiation 2 Reassurance 4 Filch 6 Health 12 Preparedness 1 Shooting 1 Shrink 5 Stability 15


Patty Joseph is 25 years old, very attractive and rather small in size. She has long dark hair that she usually wears in a pony tail or a braid. She is of Gypsy descent. She is always well dressed, she doesn’t own casual clothing as it’s called. She is a Medium in true form but makes her living as a Psychic. She knows she’s cheating people out of needed income but that no longer bothers her. Her goal in life is to be a Psychic to the influential. She gained her true powers the night of her 21st birthday. Her Grandmother, also a Medium, came to her in a dream. Told her of her birthright and has since been her spirit guide. That night her powers bloomed and her life hasn’t been the same since. The one thing that haunts her is the fetus of a couple she used to counsel. She told the Father that all would be well if he just followed her advice. He then killed his pregnant wife and child then committed suicide. The fetus comes to her in her sleep, angry at the loss at the chance of human life. The fetus, destined for evil, communes with Patty on a rather regular basis trying to trick her into finding him a new pregnant couple to inhabit. She joined the Order Veritas at 22 years old and has been with them since. Her Grandmother was in the OV and she is a legacy. She has been well tested by the OV to see if her powers are real.

Patty Joseph or Madame LeClaire

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